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Water Filters

What does every plant, animal, and organism on Earth need to survive? What is the key to life?


Water is the one element we as humans all share with every living thing on the planet. While here in the United States we are blessed enough to have our local water authorities providing plentiful fresh water, it is not always in the purest form. Mainly due to lake and groundwater contamination, along with poor corroding pipe systems and added chlorine to kill bacteria, it is said that the water that comes out of our faucets should actually be treated more before we use or drink it. There are growing concerns about the problem of antibiotics being dumped in our sewer systems, pesticide and fertilizer run-off from farm fields contaminating our freshwater lakes and aquifers. Over time, buildup of harmful chemicals from our drinking water can actually casue serious health problems including kidney failure, Alzheimer's, stroke, and cancer.

We offer a line of kitchen water filters that drastically reduce and/or remove the 'bad stuff' like chlorine and other toxins right from the faucet. Call for pricing and more information!

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